Posters and Oral Presentations

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Dear presenters,

Please find below some instructions for the oral and poster presentations at our Multilingualism conference. For any questions you may have, please contact us at (use the word 'presentation' as subject line).

1. Oral presentations (Ballroom, McGill Faculty Club):

All oral presentations will be given in the ballroom of McGill's Faculty Club. As one goal of this conference is to bring together linguists, psychologists, neuroscientists, educators and clinicians, please prepare your talk for a mixed audience with different backgrounds and avoid jargon, whenever possible. Another objective is to promote 'good' science and high standards in research methodology. We strongly encourage you to briefly explain the strengths (and limitations) of your research approach, especially in contrast to other, similar research.

  • Length: Each oral presentation will last for 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Due to a tight schedule, extensions beyond 20 min are not possible.
  • Format: Presentations should be given as Powerpoint (ppt) presentations. If you plan to play sound files or require any special assistance, please let us know in advance (by email).
  • PC/Mac: Computers to be used at the conference are PCs running Windows. If you prepare your presentation on a Mac, please make sure it will be compatible with a PC, or bring your Mac (including adapters).
  • Installation: To avoid unnecessary delays, please contact a staff member in order to install your presentation files on the computer at least 15 min prior to the start of your session.
  • Copy of file(s) in advance: If at all possible, please send us a copy of your presentation files (in powerpoint format) by October 22nd, so we can identify potential problems (
  • Consent for online-postings: We are planning to make all powerpoint presentations available online on our conference website (for subsequent availability and discussion). These postings may include
    1. ppt or pdf versions of the slides, and/or
    2. a video recording of the presentation.

All oral presenters will have to sign a consent form, indicating which kind of document can be posted online (you will be contacted by us).

2. Poster presentations (Ballroom, Thomson House):

Please note that the two poster sessions will be held in the ballroom of the Thomson House (5 minutes walking distance from the Faculty Club).

  • Duration: On both conference days, the poster session will take place right after the lunch break. Each poster session will last for 1.5 hours total (with some 40 posters per session).
    • All posters should be accessible on their assigned poster boards during the entire 1.5 hour session.
    • However, presenters are required to be at their poster for only the first 45 min (Part A) or the second 45 min (Part B). This will allow poster presenters to see and discuss other posters.
  • Format: Poster boards are portrait-oriented (vertical) and have the following measurements: Height: 91 in (= 231 cm) x Width: 45 in (= 114 cm). The recommended maximum size for posters is 60 in (= 152 cm) x Width: 40 in (= 100 cm)
  • Poster set-up and removal: Posters must be mounted on their assigned posterboards by the beginning of the poster session. Pins will be made available. Posters have to be taken down within 10 min after the end of the poster session. Posters left on the boards will be discarded.
  • On-line postings: As with the talks, we would like to post pdf versions of all posters online on our conference website, if presenters agree. Presenters will be contacted by email.
  • We look forward to seeing and hearing you in Montreal,

    Karsten Steinhauer
    Chair of the Organizing Committee